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About Us

We are award-winning greeting card specialists, birthed from the heart of making people smile, primarily known for a niche in bespoke corporate greeting cards.

Customers are a company’s most prized possession. This is why customer experience is everything, and a small touch of appreciation goes a very long way. Our greeting cards are created specifically for corporates to improve on their customer emotional connection. In a world that has gone digital, we pride ourselves in bringing back a human touch. Unlike the standard shop bought card, each card is bespoke, of high quality, with heart-warming messages and unforgettable, hand-illustrated designs.

Sisters, Sheleen and Simone, founded Curious Pencil Ltd and have been trading for over 4 years. We work with many different sectors to improve on the human-to-human connection, industries such as: automotive, housing, employment, charity, legal and marketing. Whether it’s to say ‘Thank You’, ‘Sorry’, ‘Welcome’ or ‘Congratulations’, Curious Pencil cards certainly make an impact.

Our Story

Having a background of working in the corporate world, we experienced first hand the disconnection between people and large organisations.

As sisters, we decided to combine our skills, Simone a creative writer and Sheleen an artist, to produce our first greeting card. We soon realised our cards had a big impact on the recipient’s emotions. We then took it further and introduced bespoke cards to organisations, in the hope to connect people an otherwise disconnected world.

What started as a small idea, between sisters, has evolved into a business that helps addresses this common issue. We benefit many companies by improving their customer experience and retention because we believe people are the core of every business.

Our Mission

In a digital world, we sometimes lack the human touch. We believe each individual is important and deserves to be valued. Our aim is quite simply to bring back a bit of old school appreciation and a smile to the face of others. We believe, showing value also comes in the quality of the product, therefore we pride ourselves on our excellent quality textured card and memorable designs.

We are conscious of our environment, passionate about endorsing local artists and are committed to conducting our operations with the best environmental practices using FSC paper.

Our Difference

We are proud Curious Pencil Ltd is built on family, and we put our customers at the heart of all we do. Every design is hand-drawn, specifically for our client’s requirements.

However, what truly makes us different is our creativity. Using both creative writing and original hand-illustrated artwork our cards, truly stand out on a shelf and makes a genuine impact on the recipient, so that they do not want to throw the card away, but display it for others to see.

We print ethically in the UK, with impressive quality.

“Even a small gesture of kindness can have a big impact…”