Our Story

Our Story

While working in the corporate world for many years we witnessed the daily frustration of customers and colleagues feeling like a number. We wanted to improve on this experience, so we as sisters built Curious Pencil, a company that creates bespoke greeting cards for corporations that want to improve on their human-to-human emotional connection. 

What started as a small idea between sisters has evolved into a business that helps addresses this common issue. Simply because we believe people are the core of every business.

More About Us

‘Curious Pencil’ is an award-winning greeting card specialist. Borne from the heart of making people smile. Customer experience (CX) is everything, and we believe a small touch of appreciation, goes a long way. Our greeting cards are created specifically for corporates to improve on their customer emotional connection. Unlike the standard shop bought card, each card is bespoke, with heart-warming, unforgettable hand-drawn designs. With professional art work and stand out creative writing, we allow the ‘pencil’ to roam the page and be ‘curious’ in all that it does.

What Is Our Aim

In a world that has gone digital, our aim is quite simply to bring back a bit of old school appreciation, and connect people in an otherwise disconnected world. We believe a small gesture goes a long way. That is why our ultimate goal is to make your customer’s feel noticed and putting the smiles on people’s faces through a simple greeting card.

What Makes Us Different

Every design is pencil-drawn in-house. Although we print ethically in the UK, with impressive quality. What truly makes us different is our creativity. We treat each design as a story. Here at Curious Pencil, the creative writing is not left redundant, but works hand-in-hand with the design, to have a card that truly stands out on a shelf.

“Even a small gesture of kindness can have a big impact…”