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The Team

Meet The Team

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Simone Smith

Director & Artwork Editor

As the Founder and Creative Director, my focus has always been people first. I run the business on this philosophy. Not only am I hands-on in the general running of Curious Pencil, but I am also an experienced poet, creative writer and digital artwork editor.  My heart for powerful communication has always been there – I use my experience to elevate the cards assuring they are memorable and pull on the heartstrings of others. I love my job, especially hearing the incredible feedback we get, building relationships with our clients and proving everyday that a small gesture truly does go a long way.

Fun facts about me: I love spending time with my family and going on day trips with my husband and son, I’m a bit of a perfectionist, a performance poet and dancer. 

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Sheleen Cocea

Senior Creative Illustrator

I have over 15 years of experience in all types of illustration techniques from pencil drawings and watercolours through to digital art. I am passionate about assuring all of the artwork we create is  authentic, with very little digital manipulation. Simply as I believe there is a warmth that comes from the imperfect hand-illustration. I want our cards to not look like the typical “corporate card” but to add personality and heart. 

Fun facts about me: I create & teach pattern designs, I sing and play the Viola, Guitar and Piano. I am also happily married, and a mum of two beautiful little girls and a handsome baby boy.

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Harriet Image

Harriet Warren

Creative Assistant & Artist

With over 10 years experience, I have had many Assistant, Designer and Customer Roles. I thrive where creativity is the foundation and I am blessed to be on this journey with Curious Pencil. My work here is not only based around the day-to-day running of Curious Pencil, but I also help with the wider picture. I create artwork, come up with creative ideas and help deliver artwork for our bespoke orders. I am humbled to be part of an inspiring team with a message and a mission that means something to me. 

Fun facts about me: I love the outdoors. In my spare time, I am also a Graphic Designer and Illustrator. I am newly married and have two young boys who are full of energy.

...We may be small, but we are mighty

Meet Our Other Talented Artists!

Meet Our Other Talented Artists!

illustrators we partner with, who contribute to the portfolio or work on bespoke pieces...

Jessica Chell

As an artist I have a passion for creating something from nothing. Whether it be hand drawn or digital art, I love to see the beauty in both and enjoy the process of creating something unique. 

Emma-Louise Wheeler

I am an artist and creator of pretty things. I love calligraphy and spend lots of my time painting and creating bespoke pieces. 

Rickeal Newell

I enjoy creating art in all forms, though I love to draw with pencil and pad, I  would mainly call myself a Digital Creator. Despite the medium, It is important for me to create pieces that mean something.

Zara Itel

I am a professional artist and I particularly thrive when creating bespoke portraits for people. I love expressing my creativity in all forms of art. 

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