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5 Reasons To Send Corporate Branded Thank You Cards

Have you ever received a thank you card with your order? It’s a lovely gesture that leaves a lasting impression. But did you know that thank you cards are not only nice to receive but are also great for companies to get more business? They help build positive relationships with suppliers, employees, and most importantly – customers.

But why does this matter so much? Well, it is said that a whopping 92% of consumers believe word of mouth referrals from friends and family over any other type of advertising. So, sending out some unique, corporate branded thank you cards with a hand-written note could be the secret ingredient for your company’s success!

Have you ever wondered why corporate greeting cards and thank you notes are so effective? Here are five compelling reasons to make sending cards an important part of your business, and how they can become your companies super power.


1. Gains Customer Trust and Loyalty

In order to stay ahead of the competition, it’s crucial for any business to prioritise their customer experience. Building a strong relationship with your customers and keeping them happy is really important. One effective way to gain consumer trust and create a loyal customer base is by using personalised company greeting cards to say thank you. This is effective as it recognises your client as an individual and shows the effort you put into your working relationship without overtly saying it… Simply put, by sending customised greeting cards – you are practically saying, “Hey, we see you, appreciate you and you are not just a transaction to us.” It shows the respect you have for your customer and in turn proves that you are more than just a faceless brand, but you are people in the business who genuinely care. And as the saying goes, ‘people buy from people’.

2. Nurtures Relationships

Gaining your customers’ trust is one thing, but keeping it can be much more of a challenge. That’s where thoughtful gestures like a card on unexpected occasions, like an anniversary of them being your customer or just checking in on a client who has been quiet for a while. Not only does this positively surprise the receivers, but it reassures them that they are still in our mind despite any recent transaction. It’s a no-brainer really… when customers feel the love, they keep coming back for more.

So, why not leave a customised card on less obvious occasions and see the impact.

3. Strengthens Your Brand Image

Of course saying thank you with a card is a nice thing to do, but did you know that it’s also a great way to market your business? Corporate branded thank you cards can also carry your logo, website and other important details. So having this displayed in your clients home or on their work desk is another form of display marketing. They can also be the perfect conversation starters and increase word-of mouth referrals. Company thank you cards, build brand identity and are a practical way to have a more coherent voice for your business which makes your business more memorable.


5.Adds a Personal Touch

It should be clear by now how much of an impact thank you cards can make. Whether you’re a mortgage broker welcoming their clients to their new home, or a Recruitment agent wishing someone well in their new job. The more personalised your corporate greeting cards are, the more impressive it looks. But simply adding the receiver’s name on the card is enough to make them remember you. Customers pay attention to the little details like these. It’s like an invisible hug or handshake that shows them they are not just another number on your list, but they are valued and appreciated. And believe us, that sense of connection is priceless. So, don’t be surprised if they come back for more or share their experience with others. A little thank you can go a long way!

6.Differentiation in a Digital World

In a world dominated by digital communication, standing out can be tough. But, with a little old-school charm, you can make a lasting impression! When your inbox is bursting at the seams, receiving a physical corporate thank you card, is like a warm hug from a friend. It’s personal, it’s different, and it shows you care. Plus, the tactile nature of a card adds a whole new dimension to your message, making it unforgettable and distinctive. When you send a bespoke or customised, hand-written thank you card, you’re not just saying “thanks,” you’re saying “you matter.” This even more impactful when they don’t expect it, they are sure to be pulled in by the efforts that you have made to make their journey more impressive and personal, which also helps connect with them on a deeper level.

You can head over to Curious Pencil and get your company’s own customised greeting cards designed? in order to Stand out from the digital crowd and make a real connection with the people who matter.

To sum it all up, don’t underestimate the power of a good old-fashioned “thank you”! Sending a corporate branded thank you card is a small but mighty way to show appreciation, strengthen business bonds, and stand out in a sea of competitors. Plus, this kind gesture doesn’t just benefit the recipient but can create a ripple effect of happy customers and a glowing brand image.

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